There is no better place than Villa Reniella to kick-start the summer and escape your busy life. This all-inclusive week is designed around living our healthiest lives, as we focus on personal growth through all that Tuscany has to offer including hiking, biking, yoga, massage, mindful meditation and a ‘ from farm to table’ menu. Join Chef Francesco at his wonderful cooking classes with organic local food and wine (as Jane Fonda says, wine has its own rules). Take part in lectures discussing the latest in optimum health and wellness and learn the longevity secrets of the Tuscan people.

We are often asked about the difference between the Girls’ Getaway and our new health week. We have created this special Tuscan Mind & Body Week in response to former guests who were astounded by how incredible they felt after a week with us, and after three lavish meals a day (and wine!) returned home to find they had either not gained any weight or had even lost pounds. More importantly they felt truly amazing and stimulated from head to toe. They were fascinated by the health of the locals and craved more advice about this way of living. The Mediterranean diet, daily hikes and biking, guidance from our Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach will inspire you to reboot your own healthy journey.



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