I loved it! I have never been at a more beautiful place. I am in love with that pool! – Marilyn Denis, Toronto

Debbie and Hans have created a place that¹s as close to paradiso as you can get on planet Earth! A week here will furnish a lifetime of dreams. – Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun

To experience such love and welcome to your Tuscan home and culture is an amazing journey. – Wendy, UK

Thank you to Debbie and her team for a once in a lifetime experience. So much to savour. I have enjoyed the new friendships, all the sights, food, laughter and tears, I hope to be back soon. – Kathy, Saskatoon

Crying and happy. – Debra, USA

I have been truly inspired by your vision and how you managed to achieve’ paradise’ in Tuscany – Joanna, Toronto

The best week of my life. I cannot believe how present you have been. I did not expect you to be with us the entire week – wow. – Leigh Calgary

Thank you for inviting us into your spectacular home. – Pamela, NY

It was great to watch your guests change and blossom over this week. I felt pure happiness on my way home. – Elaine, Texas

Thank you for making my 50th birthday a real joy!! – Deborah, Lancaster

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime! I imagined the week would be incredible, but I could not envision how spectacular! – Cindy, Hamilton

I loved every minute of this week and came home inspired, invigorated - Debbie you are my heroine! – Emma UK

From the bottom of my heart it was a pleasure to meet and share a week with each and everyone of you at this beautiful villa. –Perth Australia

Debbie you are my idol. I sit here with tears running down my cheeks trying to think of words to express my appreciation for all you have done. This has been so amazing, the sights, the food, the laughter and of course the wine. – Debbie, San Francisco

Thank you for all you have done for us this week – the trips, the meals, the adventures, the shopping and most of all, showing me the beauty, the history and love you have for Tuscany by allowing me to be a part of it all so that I may take a beautiful memory home with me – I thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Karen, Saskatoon

WHERE TO BEGIN – YOU HAVE FILLED MY BUCKET! Amazing thing is that I didn’t know it needed filling. You are an incredible woman Debbie and I am honoured to have shared this journey with you. – Maureen, New Brunswick

I do believe in fate and timing and believe this has brought us together. This has been a very positive, amazing experience for me. You are an incredible lady whose energy is contagious. I know this retreat involves a lot of time and energy and your passion is evident. It will have a lasting impact on me and I hope my future will benefit from your labour of love – thank you. You and your team have given me an experience of a lifetime! One I will cherish that will keep me smiling even more than I already do. My cup is full. – Wendy, New Brunswick

Debbie, words cannot even begin to describe how enlightening and fulfilling this week has been I will treasure the memories and revisit them many times. The Tuscan sun and your entourage will forever live in my heart. – Giannina, Montreal

DEBBIE AND YOUR ENTIRE TEAM, thank you seems too little! Every moment of each day gave us another incredible experience. We truly receive from this trip what we chose to put in. I have been asked what would I change about this week…truly nothing. – Bryn, Saskatoon

This Getaway was meant to be – I knew it immediately! Thank you for choosing me to spend a magical week with you and your magnificent team and 14 other wonderful women. This has been a blessing to me. You are an inspiration. I now believe that I can move on and find a new life for myself. If I can help any other struggling woman – in any small way – I will, and I will always remember who inspired me…you. – Norma, Halifax

Debbie – you’re my idol. Because your heart is pure gold, your energy is contagious and your generosity knows no bounds”. – Debbie, California

Thank you! For saving my life…”. – Tina, Halifax

Dearest Debbie and the Tuscan Gang, “As this amazing week comes to a close, I can’t help but feel that this is just the beginning of something very special. You have all worked so hard to make this retreat special for all and I am grateful beyond words. I thank you for introducing me to a world that is breathtaking and rich in so many ways, for the conversations, the relaxation, the meditation and for an itinerary (but no schedule) that was perfect to the last detail. Every experience – the food, the wine (good thing I don’t drink), the music, the smells, and your hospitality – will be with me for a very, very long time. You are gracious and kind – you opened your home to a bunch of strangers and made us feel more welcome than I could have imagined”. – Judi, Vancouver

What I am most appreciative of: Your generosity, kindness, thoughtfulness. Made everyday so sweet for us. Your good humor and laughter lifted me everyday. Your vision of Tuscany, your contacts and special place showed me a Tuscany I would NEVER have been able to experience on my own. The Food! Wine! Pool! Space! Never-ending and to die for! The countryside, herbs, gardens, world heritage site – I’ve died and gone to heaven. – Karen, Calgary

Let me simply say this has been an extraordinary time orchestrated by all of you. It shall be treasured by us all. Thank you for this great gift. The only thing you need to change is the name…this is not a “retreat” – it is a true ‘advancement’ of life. – Gaye, Toronto

A magical experience. In the warmth of the Tuscan sun we have laughed, cried, ate fantastic food and most importantly grown as people. As we arrived, seeds for change were planted. Nurtured by the genuine kindness and caring from those we were sharing this remarkable week with. Stimulated by the energy and laughter we were able to view our lives from a different perspective. We have bloomed into stronger, more confident people secure in the understanding that we are valued. – Barb, Vancouver

Thank you for including me in this magical week with such an amazing group of women. I enjoyed not having to make decisions, think and most of all I enjoyed having time to be silent and be present. I will have beautiful memories of Italy and hope to return again”. – Debbie, Vancouver

What a great week! A delight for all the senses and nourishment for the mind, body and soul! What a privilege to bond with like-minded women. This was more than just an experience. With love, – Beth, Toronto

It is not possible to find the right words to express how magnificent this past week has been. I have finally found “the sweet life” which is right here in Tuscany. – Nikki, Toronto

How lucky am I?!?!?! Food – wine – vistas – Women! I can’t think of a better combo. I know I’ve had a memorable time because I can’t wait to get home and tell my husband all about every single thing I did. I am so grateful to have been part of this first group. – Caroline

Debbie and Jackie, How does one say thank you for a life altering experience? This week surpassed anything I could have imagined. Thank you for your incredible hospitality, patience, and compassion. This experience has made me realize that my life does not have to change – I already have it all. – Lianne, Vancouver

It has been a true privilege to be among such great women in the first ever DEBBIE TUSCAN GETAWAY. Who could have orchestrated a better event than the Debbie Travis Team. – Christine, Montreal

Thank you for sharing with me this unique, once in a lifetime experience. I am forever changed. It has been one of the highlights of my life. All the women here have taught me so much. I have learned about the balance in life, the need to follow your dreams despite risks and have scratched the surface on finding out who I really am. Some of us needed rest, some needed to grieve, some needed wine, but we all inspired. We restored our souls and this Tuscan retreat surpassed all my expectations.

I came sad and tired – I leave changed, hopeful and full of excitement. The unconditional, loving support that you shared put this experience in the exceptional category. Thank you Debbie and Jacky for everything. Italy took my breath away and I can’t wait to return. – Alice, Richmond

For me Debbie was the mastermind of this incredible insatiable week, and I thank you Debbie for pouring every ounce of your heart and soul into making this the perfect Tuscan adventure for all of us…and you did. It is so obvious that your success with this week came from truly caring for how each of us would enjoy each day and each moment. It was like you were in the zone the entire time. You gave us so many beautiful gifts, including yourself, every moment. – Laila, Toronto

This wonderful retreat came up at exactly the right time in my life. It was exactly what I needed in every way! Thank you so much Debbie for being you and for sharing yourself with all of us. I am blessed and honoured. Everything we did was unimaginable, and now unforgettable. I am also so impressed and appreciative of the people who surround and support you and to each of you a huge THANKS! Words really do not explain how much this trip has meant to me. – Sandra, Vancouver

I came here as someone – I left as someone better! May my path be as supportive and my struggle as strong. I will never be the same. – Maggie, Toronto

You are so cool. Down to earth and fun. I have had a blast. – Donna, New York

Brilliant. Thank you – so impressed by you all. Incredible week and very generous of spirit. – Catherine, Toronto

You have all put together the most unforgettable experience for us. Your hospitality, which is second to none, and the attention to every last detail have made for a truly seamless and beautiful time in Tuscany. Thank you all so much for an incredible time in this gorgeous place. – Erin, Calgary

Thank you for giving one the opportunity to spend time with such beautiful people in such a magical place on such a wonderful journey… – Ania, Barbados

I came here with other goals and came out if it with so much more – I feel more grounded, relaxed and present – more than I ever felt in my life and for that I truly thank you for the opportunity. – Marni Wasserman, Toronto

My second visit – another fabulous week reconnecting to the person I want to be. A great bunch of girls from across Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand. – Christina Miller, Montreal

This was a 50th birthday present from my husband and best friend. I am in awe. Debbie, your passion for adventure will resonate with me forever. I will always be grateful of you and your team’s warmth and “fun” – you all helped me through this unexpected tough time by helping me see things so differently. I will remember you all with the happiest memories. – Carolynn Velikonja, Ontario

I came to Tuscany in hope of inspiration and a view of my dreams. I cannot impress the joy and ease you have given me in such a loving way. You are all wonderful people. – Pamela Rediker, New Brunswick

I came with a vision of Tuscany and I left with a better understanding of myself. I wish I could describe the impact that you left with me. – Melanie Reid, Ontario

I came to Tuscany to live and learn and share. Your generosity has been precious and well appreciated. I shall return to my regular life slightly changed with ideas, hopes and ambitions which suddenly became more accessible and possible during this week. I don’t know what the future will hold, but part of you all will it share with me. Many, many thanks. – Nathalie Brouillet, Vancouver

I have never been pampered like this. The sights and smells of Tuscany and all the attention to detail, and your human compassion took hold of me and I relaxed. You are a wonderful and kind person and this is the most amazing experience I have had in a long time. Ciao. – Patricia Niles, New Brunswick

If only I had the words to describe the feelings I have…free, elated, excited… Thank you! – Jocelyne Bouchard, New Brunswick

I have traveled all over the world, holidayed in wonderful places, but, this week has been truly the first holiday of my life. It has fed my soul, healed my heart, stimulated my imagination, grown my confidence and strengthened my faith. Thank you for all your vision, love and guidance. The laughter, tears and pampering will enable me to float above the tedious and fast forward me to a wonderful future. – Liz Matthews, New Zealand

This truly was the most memorable week of my life and the food, OMG, unbelievable. The sincerity, warmth and love was felt my everyone. I cannot wait to come back. The was a sensational week. – Karen Campbell, Vancouver


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