This strong team is the backbone of everything we do.


Debbie’s role is to give you a memorable adventure not only into the Tuscan lifestyle but, more importantly, into yourself. Combining two of her greatest passions, the joys of southern Tuscany and the thrill of inspiring other women.  Our guests will  share this wonderful villa and farmhouse and its spectacular surroundings while enjoying scrumptious, traditional cuisine, famous local wines and fascinating trips.


Debbie and Jacky have been best friends for over 30 years after meeting in a bar in Tokyo when they were models.  After Debbie moved to Canada they remained friends even though they lived thousands of miles apart.   Jacky is an integral part of this Tuscan experience – she is there to make everyone's stay as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.


Hans is a successful businessman who runs a tight ship of two production companies, a branding office and a large editing facility.  His biggest daily challenge is his high maintenance wife, Debbie, of 29 years.  Hans hangs up his business suit for your week to don a chauffeur’s uniform and be at the beck and call of our guests.


Jacky's husband Steve is a world acclaimed award winning record producer. He began his career with Sir Elton John and went on to produce artists such as George Michael, The Cult, Freddie Mercury and many more. Just like his long time buddy Hans, he has given up his music industry world for this week for the sheer pleasure of driving ladies in Tuscany.



Lucy McInnes is a professional Life Coach.  Based in Montreal and Toronto, she is a warm and inspiring consultant.  We rarely give ourselves the time to think and reflect on who we are or where we want to go?  During your stay everyone will have an opportunity to sit down with Lucy for a confidential chat at a quiet spot under an ancient olive tree or a cozy corner of the villa.


Francesco is our wonderful chef at Villa Reniella.  He’s always had a passion for cooking and turned this passion into a career as a gourmet cook.  He believes in locally sourced food, following in the footsteps of the great Tuscan culinary tradition.  He will be preparing our delicious meals and holding our cooking classes.



Lalla is a qualified Ayurvedic therapist.  She studied for 5 years in Kerala, India  and is a master in Reiki and massage. In our beautiful Indian tent Lalla will be offering spectacular massages.


Esther holds yoga classes at Villa Reniella and as Sting’s yoga teacher she brings fun and laughter to all her classes, whatever level you are.  She is also a healing massage therapist, a doctor of acupuncture and a shaman teacher and one of our inspirational speakers.

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