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Debbie Travis’
Lavender Oil

This fragrant, beautiful purple plant feels right at home in the long dry summers typical of Tuscany. All that lavender requires is sunshine and the occasional watering. We planted our first field with over 2000 organically grown lavender bushes when we bought the property and by the second year we were already harvesting our intensely scented lavender flowers. As luck would have it, a neighbour has a laboratory where she creates oil from many different organic plants using a natural process. She makes 3 products for us from our lavender.


A concentrated essence that has been distilled from lavender flowers. Highly potent, a dab on the temple or pillow will soothe you to a blissful sleep. Dot the oil on your wrist and it will instantly relax you.


This luxurious oil is made from our own organic olive oil infused with our lavender flowers. It leaves the skin silky smooth with the delicate scent of lavender.


Produced from our organic olive oil and lavender, it will leave your skin fragrant and soft – only available at the villa.

There are many health and therapeutic benefits to be derived from our lavender products. Lavender is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It soothes aching joints, helps you sleep and even helps with upset stomachs and anxiety.

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1 Lavender Massage oil, 120ml &
1 Lavender Essential oil, 10ml

$60 CAD

4 Lavender Essential oil,
10ml/ 0.3 fl oz(each)

$100 CAD

1 Lavender Massage oil, 120ml &
1 Rosemary oil, 120ml

$70 CAD

1 Lavender Massage oil, 120ml &
1 Lavender Essential oil, 10ml &
1 Rosemary oil, 120ml

$90 CAD


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