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LA DOLCE DEBBIE airs on OWN Canada 16th Feb 2016 at 8.30 PM


I am convinced that life is just one big circle. I find it truly amazing how people and events constantly pop back into your life. In the last few weeks I have been having conversations with childhood friends who were at my wedding 30 years ago, and with whom I had lost touch over the decades. They are all now coming to celebrate our 30th anniversary with us this summer in Italy. So excited. Full circle!



Several years ago I got ’the call’, and by ’the call’ I mean one afternoon a producer at The Oprah Winfrey Show rang me. They wanted me, yes me, to come to Chicago and be a guest on her show. I remember every minute of the thrill of that journey to the Harpo studios, the gorgeous hotel we stayed in, the dinner the night before with the producers and recording voice-overs in a booth, with Oprah doing the same in the adjoining one. But the very best of this entire experience has to be sitting next to her on those iconic ‘yellow' chairs. I was giddy and overwhelmed. My knees shook so much that she actually clutched both of them and told me not to be so nervous. By the time the cameras were rolling it was like sitting with a girlfriend chatting about paint colours, stencils and decorating for the whole hour, one of my most memorable hours. She held up some of my decorating books which shot up to the top ten on Amazon, which of course was fantastic but really it was about just having a good time. I was lucky to be invited back onto The Oprah Winfrey Show many times and now, all those years later, I am thrilled to be back on her very own network, OWN with my new documentary series La Dolce Debbie.


OWN is the ideal network for this series. The six-part documentary is not a renovation show; it’s about building dreams. It follows my dream of renovating an ancient ruin in Tuscany (after watching Under The Tuscan Sun countless times) and turning it into a beautiful haven where like minded women can come and share their dreams and their next chapters. I hope that this series inspires everyone watching into making their own wish list come true. It may not be today or even in 10 years, but keep on dreaming, working hard and stay passionate about everything you cherish and I promise, that next chapter will happen.


Talk about coming full circle - I began my television career on WTN, the Women’s Television Network which eventually became W, part of the Corus Network. The Painted House ran for 14 seasons and changed my life. It was also the first of its type, a decorating show! I cannot count the times that people told me that no one would be interested in a TV show about ‘doing up’ homes – on primetime! Well this little show was a hit and so much grew out of it, from the books, newspaper columns and products. So thank you Corus for all the support, it is wonderful to be back in your family.


Laurene commented on 12-Feb-2016 05:11 PM
I think it's wonderful that you will spend your 30th anniversary with your friends! Pam and Terri and I cannot wait to watch La Dolce Debbie on OWN - it was my aha moment! I dreamt about going to Tuscany for years and to celebrate my 60th birthday there was a dream come true. I feel a bit like an Ambassador for Debbie Travis' Tuscan Getaway as where there is wine I am there with my story of my trip and inevitably become teary eyed recalling the beauty of the region and the friends I made and the 15 star meals, accommodations and excursions. I can't wait to relive it on La Dolce Debbie! Ciao Laurene
Laura commented on 12-Feb-2016 05:20 PM
Debbie, wonderful and great Debbie, I'm really sure 'La Dolce Debbie' will be a big success because it's real, it's full of real emotions, yours and of anyone was there. I wish you the very best and, after working with you about half an year, I'm also sure everyone will be inspired from your passion to believe in their own dreams, to make them real. I'm doing it too, thanks! Laura
Pam Samson commented on 13-Feb-2016 06:15 AM
Exciting!! I may never get to your establishment in Italy but I will enjoy seeing the show, as I have enjoyed reading and watching the journey that you have made!! I love your stories and sense of wonder. Thank you.
Janice Bowlen commented on 13-Feb-2016 07:18 AM

I can't wait to watch La Dolce Debbie show from Tuscany airing this coming Tuesday on OWN. My girlfriend Andree McLean and her best friend Kelly Wilson plus some other ladies from Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada are going to be having a trip of a live time staying with you at your Tuscany Villa the last weekend in June 2016! I am so so jealous! lol I am Q & A, Andree on facts all about Debbie. (Isn't Google and the Internet wonderful nowadays lol)

I have watched all of the Debbie's shows over the years and was glued to the TV watching "From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis". We completely renovated my late father's 125 year old home in Fredericton, NB back in 2004-5 which us three sisters have gotten back together and live together there now. Me being the youngest at 57 years old! lol

So Debbie from one Libra to another, I wish you continued success and please continue to share with us your designing ideas. I would love to meet you some day.

Best Regards
Janice Bowlen
75 St. Marys Street
Fredericton, NB
E3A 2R7
Marlene Yustin commented on 13-Feb-2016 11:41 AM
Debbie, please come back to HGTV; I miss 'original' 'personal' decorating ideas; I am sick of Ikea Kitchens, granite and white cupboards!!!!
terry nichols commented on 15-Feb-2016 10:34 PM
Is your documentary going to be shown in the USA? I can't find it listed tomorrow on OWN.

Congratulations on finally finishing and continuing to move forward with your dreams----

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