A year for new adventures & a special DESIGN-LOVERS RETREAT

Tuscan Getaway Team - Thursday, January 18, 2018

Photos by Stacey van Berkel

Love design, love decorating. Fancy a trip to both London and Tuscany with me – then read on:

These first weeks of the new year have so many of us giving up on something. No more booze as you tackle ‘dry January,’ not one more Quality Street until next Christmas, puddings after every meal – done with them and enough with the binge watching of constant Netflix series... they will be rationed!

I had an idea. Instead of all the negative ‘giving stuff up’ what about doing something completely different – jumping out of your comfort zone? Something that will change you forever. Take up a project that you would never ever normally consider and I promise it will lead you down a new fork in the road, a new friend, new adventure, new job. A new you for this new year.

A few years ago I did just that. I bought a rundown, ancient property in Italy and turned it into a magical haven where others can visit and dream of their own next chapters. I had no experience running any form of hotel, just making a neat bed was impossible for me. Now that we are in full swing and these weekly events have become my ‘everyday’ I am ready for a new adventure. This year I will create a one-off special week that will excite me and hopefully anyone who is in love with design, decorating and antiquing. I have always believed in following a path of what interests me and others will follow. 

My new idea for this shiny new year is a design trip with me, in London and Tuscany. Oh I am tingling all over just putting this together. It will be a one-off, first come first served. Ladies and gentlemen welcome. You just have to adore decorating either professionally or for your own home. I will guide you through my secret spots in London and Tuscany. So, I am up for something new and different. How about you?

Calling all design lovers...
Join me for an 8-day trip to London & Tuscany!
August 26 - September 3, 2018

To request more information about this unique experience, please email us at info@tuscangetaway.com or send us your information through here.

Here's to new adventures and an inspiring 2018! 

~ Debbie


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